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Geoparque de la Mixteca Alta

Estado de Oaxaca, México
Geoparque Mixteca Alta


History, Geography and Geology merge indissolubly and allow us to understand one of the most impressive landscapes of Mexico.

Unesco Global Geopark

Welcome to the Geopark Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca!

The Geopark includes nine municipalities located in the western part of the State of Oaxaca, in the region of the Mixteca Alta, one of the most important cultural regions of Mexico. The total area of the Geopark is 415 km2.

Its landscape is the result of the  interaction between nature, in particular geology, and society. The ancient land use has resulted in an impressive landscape where various forms of erosion allow visitors to understand the processes that shape the Earth’s surface and have resulted in spectacular landfomrs of particular interest and beauty.

The cultural and natural heritage is evident in the landscape; archaeological sites, colonial churches and convents of the 16th century, as well as large areas of natural vegetation are combined with geology and landforms shaping unique landscapes.

The Mixteca Alta Geopark Project is a community, educational project, focused on the public interested in learning how nature and society interact.

The Geopark Mixteca Alta is open to proposals to improve the environment and quality of life of those who dwell in it. Vistors are welcome to take part in the project!


The Mixteca Alta Geopark is located in the most complex geological region of Mexico. It is situated in the boundary of two tectonostratigraphic terranes and consists of Precambrian and Paleozoic metamorphic and plutonic rocks that make up the complex basement, a carpet of Mesozoic rocks and Cenozoic volcanic flow rock and continental sediments.


The Mixteca Alta Geopark offers educational programs consisting in short courses and tours in the field through geotrails designed for this purpose. Courses are open to the general public and inlcude.

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