Mexico is one of the major mega-diverse countries in the world and the state of Oaxaca has a variety of ecosystems with a huge variety of plants and animals. Although some regions of the State, as the Mixteca Alta, shows advanced deterioration in some of its resources, well-preserved areas that invite you to roam around and meet its flora and fauna also exist. In the Geopark, one of the most attractive routes has been designed within the Mixteca Alta Project and is located in the municipal agency of Santa Maria Tiltepec in San Pedro Topiltepec. Along the route, about 4 km long, dense forests of oak and pine and a variety of orchids are the main attraction.

Nature is part of our territories and has great importance for the community, especially for the ecosystem services they provide. You can see a variety of orchids, birds and amphibians, you can also visit two viewpoints with stunning views of the Geopark.