Geotrails allow visitors to recognize thematically interconnected sites and, therefore, complementary to each other, so that the visitor along the route, learn a coherent story and not isolated stories from each of the sites visited. Thus, the geotrails are an educational resource focused on the dissemination of geoheritage and a service that enriches the tourist offer for their benefit of visitors and the local communities.


¿Cuáles son?

# Descarga Geotrail Main features
Gt1 PDF Los Corazones, 30 km Larger route of the MAAG, lithological contacts and outcrops, viewpoints and lamabordo systems.
Gt2 PDF Las Conchas, 3 km Badlands, gullies and erosive cirques in the Yanhuitlán Formation, paleosols and fluvial landforms, archaeological remains.
Gt3 PDF Cerro del Sol, 3 km Panoramic views of Llano de Lobos Tuff layers, lithological contacts and local faults.
Gt4 PDF Río del Águila, 4 km Lithological contacts and outcrops, erosive cirques and lamabordo systems, different volcanic lithology. Eagles are frequent.
Gt5 PDF Yutoto Paisajes Kársticos, lamabordos, canteras de caliza, fósiles y vestigios arqueológicos
Gt6 PDF El Jazmín, 4 km Main archaeological site in the MAAG; alluvial archives, paleosols and fluvial landforms
Gt7 PDF Tejocotal, 12.5 km Afloramientos de la Toba Llano de Lobos, contactos litológicos, unidades geológicas principales, miradores de los valles.
Gt8 PDF Diques San Pedro Añañe, 5 km

Lamabordos systems, plutonic structures, gullies and badlands.

# Descarga Sendero de Naturaleza Rasgos principales
Sn1 PDF Cerro Verde, 3 km Walking route to the summit of the highest point in the MAAG which is continental water divide of three main basins. Gullies, badlands, plutonic structures and archaeological sites.
Sn2 PDF Peña Azul, 3km View of Yanhuitlán, Yucuita and Nochixtlán valleys; overview of the main geomorphological units; well preserved oak forests and a variety of orchids.
Sn3 PDF Yuxacino, 4 km Alluvial profiles and the viewpoints of local faults. Collection of edible insects.
Sn4 PDF Ñu´un Yucu 4 km Bosques de encino bien conservados, panorámicas del Valle Yanhuitlán, avistamiento de aves y variedad de orquídeas dependiendo la temporada.

Local vehicles with a maximum capacity of 10 people are available. The maximum number of participants in each tour is 20. In all cases, the tours are led by local guides.